Family Resource Center of Raleigh, Inc

The Family Resource Center of Raleigh, Inc. (FRC) began in 1995 as R.E.A.P. (Reaching, Educating, Advocating, and Preparing), a local community-based program started by a small group of interested bodies serving on the Wake County Smart Start Board of Directors. Although over the next 8 years, the program’s name and fiscal agent changed several times, program services and mission did not; the FRC has always and continues to “help families acquire the skills and resources needed to be self-sufficient”. In February 2004, the FRC was incorporated and received the 501c(3) non-profit status in August of that same year.

Through the provision of measurable programs and services, it is our belief that families will continue to improve their quality of life and become positive, productive citizens in their respective community. Moreover, we believe that all families have strengths and that priority must be placed on involving families in making key decisions on services that are essential in meeting their family goals. Service intervention strategies are culturally responsive and are designed with significant family involvement in assessing need and how they can best be addressed.

Staff Directory

Kim M. Best
Executive Director
(919) 834-9300

Lorraine McCurdy
Program Manager
(919) 834-9300

Vernita Griffith
PULSE Program Director
(919) 755-6959

Shea Cleveland
Program Director
Parenting Wisely/New Career Start
(919) 740-6343

Lakisha Robbins
Youth AWAKE Program Director
(919) 740-7950

Jacqueline Kehinde
Choices for Children/Youth Programs Director
(919) 740-0898

Deidre McCullers
Youth AWAKE Program Coordinator
(919) 740-8553

Derrick W. Byrd
Youth AWAKE Project Developer
(919) 740-1306

Judith Guest
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist

Reggie Whitaker
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist

Danielle Watts
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist
(919) 740-0011

Tony Lassiter
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist
(919) 830-8286

Bianca Greco
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist
(919) 740-7596

Eric Owens
Youth AWAKE Education Specialist
(919) 740-6341

Wes Johnson
Parenting Wisely
(919) 500-6654

Kara Endsley
PULSE Project Developer

Seanquez Flowers
PULSE Program Coordinator

Shenika Hinton
PULSE Education Case Manager
(919) 740-0462

Dion Chavis
PULSE Education Case Manager
(919) 740-1287

Allen Reddick
PULSE Education Case Manager
(919) 740-2852